Mailing List

Having a high quality mailing list is critical to ensuring the best response to any direct mail piece.

No matter who you are targeting, from Gen X’rs to business professionals, we’ve got the right list for your business. We guarantee the quality of our data to ensure a very high level of deliverability.

Some examples of the list data we provide include:

Consumer Data- Demographic, Psychographic and Buying Behavior

Occupant Data- Residential Homes, Apartments, Mobile Homes

Business Data- Businesses and Professionals Nationwide, with phone numbers and principal contact  information

Real Property Data- Information compiled through county recorder offices of home ownership and mortgage related data

New Homeowners- Multiple databases covering weekly and monthly New Home Owners

Movers Data- Multiple databases covering weekly and monthly moves, pre-movers as well as new constructions.

Specialty Lists- Access to thousands of compiled and response-based databases to meet whatever your needs are. We can help with your unusual  list requests.