Market To New Homeowners Now and Capture Their
Lifetime Value For Your Business!

New Homeowners Are Your Ideal Customers:

  • Hyper-Spend: Spends more within 6 months of move than  established residents will spend in two years
  • New loyalties: New Homeowners are optimistic about creating new relationships with businesses in their community
  • Offer Sensitive: 55% find out about new businesses through the mail
  • Credit Worthy: Very recent and exhaustive credit screening
  • Recognize Welcome Wagon: Making them more inclined to use your offers 
  • Lifetime Value: Highest value potential of all consumers
Reach The New Homeowner Within 30 Days And Again At 90 Days!

The Gift Book Program:

A compelling invitation to your business.

  • Your “Welcome Offer” is a housewarming gift, introducing premium New Homeowners to your business
  • Personalized to the New Homeowner, leaving a great impression
  • Extended shelf life designed for long-term use, giving repeated exposure
  • Only ONE type of business per category. (Exception of Restaurants and Entertainment)

The Especially For You Program: 

An additional strategic touchpoint for your business – “Especially For You"

  • Once families are settled, they have a second chance to contact you th

    rough the EFY, which arrives three months after receiving their Gift Book

Follow-up is critical to the success of any new marketing program, “Especially For You” makes it

especially easy