Our Strategy

Your Advertising dollars can work harder to drive sales results!

Let me show you how!

As a local marketing expert, I can help you revitalize your advertising efforts! First we'll examine these 3 ingredients for a successful campaign.

1. Offer: Get new customers in the door with a great deal!
  • Is it better than your competitors'?
  • Is it easy to understand and use?
  • Does it make them act fast?
  • Is it the best offer you have available?
2. Ad Creative: This is your image and message
  • Does it clearly show who you are and what you do?
  • Does it get you noticed?
  • Does it cause action?
3. Audience: Money Mailer brings you America's best consumers
  • Average Household Incomes of over $100k - 54% above US average2
  • 78% are Homeowners - 19% above US average2
  • Median Disposable Incomes over $75k - 71% above US average2
  • Close to 50% have kids - 11 % above US average2
    (These are the people that spend the most money!)


We are experts at using these 3 elements and testing consumers' response to them!

  • We can help you learn which offers work for your business
  • Our experienced graphic artists build eye catching ads
  • We reach the best local consumers!
  • We can measure direct response to your advertising!

Money Mailer can drive measurable increases in:

• Phone Calls
• Web Traffic
• Sales

• Store Visits
• Coupon Redemption
• Size of Purchase



Let's talk about increasing your sales!



We Are Your Neighborhood Direct Marketing Consultants. Just like you, we are local business owners.

We have the tools and resources to help you find your IDEAL CUSTOMERS. Doesn't it make sense to market to those customers most likely to respond?

Did you know that we mail to the TOP INCOME HOMEOWNERS in every zip? Ask for a free copy of your local demographic report.

Money Mailer franchises are owned and operated by local business owners just like you. We are dedicated to helping businesses in our neighborhood get and keep more customers using Money Mailer’s innovative services, including shared mail, one-to-one and interactive advertising including mobile and online distribution of our coupons across thousands of websites. Everything we do is to help you maximize your return on your investment with Money Mailer.